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October is National Cybersecurity Month

Mon, Oct 15, 2018 at 12:35PM

October is National Cybersecurity Month

Did you know a Cyber Criminal may be willing to spend months or even years scanning and doing reconnaissance on your systems to find security exploits? They are well aware that 95% of all successful attacks are caused by human error. Stopping them requires the same obsessive level of attention, not just from the security team at your business, but from the entire organization. When you are buying selling or refinancing a home, it’s important to choose a title company who takes your Security Awareness seriously and is vigilant about protecting your personal information.

When you choose a title company, be sure at the very minimum it has the technical controls in place such as Firewalls to reduce the risk to acceptable levels. It’s important to know that with the growing number of Business Email Compromise, Phishing, Social Engineering, and Ransomware attacks, technical controls alone are no longer sufficient. Every associate at the company has to be hyper- diligent about security awareness and protection of your non-public personal information (NPI). 

That’s where Southern Title comes in. Southern Title continues to demonstrate strict compliance to the rigorous protections to protect Non-Public Personal Information (NPI) required by state and federal regulators, lenders, and investors. 

We implemented a robust series of security measures to maintain the safety of your personal information, including the use of a secure server and encrypted emails. Our systems are protected with Firewalls to ensure only approved access is permitted. 

This Cyber Security Awareness Month, we invite you to join Southern Title and together we can form a Human Firewall to protect the integrity of your real estate transaction.
Call Southern Title’s Technology Team at 386-760-3110 for more information.

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