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Thinking about refinancing? Interest rates are at historic lows and many homeowners are refinancing their mortgages to take advantage of lower rates, put their equity to other uses with a “cash out” refinance, or to reduce their term.

Once you’ve made the decision to refinance, you want the process to go smoothly. At Southern Title, our goal is to make it fast, efficient, and fun! Let your lender know you want to refinance with Southern Title, and we’ll provide a quick quote and turn your title work around in 3 days from receipt of title order.

Here’s a few tips to help you expedite the process:

  • Although you already have lender's title insurance on the property you are refinancing, your new lender will want a new loan policy. That is because a lender's policy only provides coverage for the life of the loan. Since you are refinancing, you are paying off one loan and securing a new loan, for which your lender will require a new lender's title policy. Reissue rates may apply, which could reduce your cost, so please provide us with a copy of your prior owner’s title insurance policy as soon as possible.

  • If you are adding your spouse to your deed as part of your refinance, please let us know in advance as additional transfer taxes may apply. 

  • If you have a Home Equity Line of Credit, also known as a HELOC, in addition to the mortgage you are refinancing, we will need detailed information  including loan number, phone number, and payment address so we can arrange to satisfy those loans. This applies even if there is a zero balance on your HELOC. Please ask your loan officer, or your Southern Title Closing Officer, for more information.


Still not sure? Call for a quote, use our handy Title Quote app, or email us today. It would be our pleasure to serve you!