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Did you know your Cell Phone charging cable could be making your computer sick?

Mon, Oct 15, 2018 at 12:30PM

Did you know your Cell Phone charging cable could be making your computer sick?

In this age of technology at our fingertips, scammers continue to develop new and more insidious ways to steal our private information. Not only are USB flash drives known to be used by threat agents to deploy malicious malware onto unsuspecting victims’ systems, but cybercriminals are now using USB Phone charging cables to infect systems with malware and ransomware.

The charging cables are programmed to act like a normal charger that still charges the phone. However, it will install malicious malware in the background.

In honor of CyberSecurity Awareness Month, remember to charge your phones and other mobile devices with your own USB cable – or that was given to you by someone you can trust. Be wary of public charging stations, hotel rooms, and other dodgy locations that could be suspect.

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