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Protecting Our Data Privacy Every Day

Mon, Jan 28, 2019 at 12:40PM

Protecting Our Data Privacy Every Day

Today is “Data Privacy Day”, a day to remind ourselves of the importance of keeping personal information private and working with companies who take our privacy—and property—protections seriously.

Did you know your title insurance agent is considered part of the financial services industry and as such is legally required to comply with federal data privacy and security protections, just like banks and other financial institutions?  Read on to find out why – and how Southern Title has invested in the necessary technology infrastructure to be compliant – and protect your personal and financial information.

Since your title insurance agent is in the “financial services industry”, we are part of the “critical infrastructure” in the United States, which means our assets are considered essential for the functioning of a healthy society and economy. Since we have access to private financial and other non-public personal information, it is important we have the security protocols in place to protect that data.

If critical infrastructure is affected by cyber-criminal activity, it could have a debilitating effect on national economic security as well as your own personal bank account, and property ownership.

That’s why it’s vital that you work with a title company who takes your security seriously.  We use your personal data in order to put together the documents needed to successfully and legally transfer title, whether you are buying or selling real estate. The title insurance industry is reliant on responsive, up to date Information Technology systems for secure data processing, workflow management, identity protection, land records access, and customer communications.

When you make the decision to buy, sell, or refinance, be sure you are working with a title insurance company who has invested in the latest security programs to prevent privacy breaches or outright escrow theft. Southern Title takes it very seriously, with next-generation firewalls to protect data; robust business continuity plans, redundant backups, and multiple internet connections to maintain operations in the event of an outage or other emergencies; and platforms to detect and report suspected viruses or malware, and prevent security breaches.

Our in-house technology department understands the importance of consistent, reliable and safe network operations and has invested in the necessary software, hardware, and internal training and education to expedite the settlement services process while maintaining security and dependability.  

It’s Your Home, Your Money, and Your Personal Information – protect yourself and your peace of mind by choosing Southern Title.


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