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Ollie the Owl, Your Virtual Assistant

ollie largeHave a question about a file? Just ask Ollie.

Ollie the Owl is your Southern Title virtual assistant. He is ready to hunt down answers to your questions, whether you are curious about our office locations, want to send us a contract, or have a file-related concern.

Want a copy of your escrow deposit receipt? How about your commitment? Ollie has the answer 24/7!

Text Ollie at 386-245-2835 to get the answers you need, or ask to talk to a person.


Ollie Really Gives a Hoot!

Buyers, Sellers, and Realtors will begin receiving texts with updates when a file is opened at Southern Title.  Don’t want to receive updates? Simply reply “Opt Out”. You can still ask questions; you just won’t receive the latest news from Ollie.

Southern Title’s offices are open 8:30 – 5 pm Monday through Friday, but Ollie is working around the clock to answer your urgent questions. If Ollie can’t answer, he’ll forward the inquiry to a person who can help.

Have additional questions? Just ask Ollie! Or contact our customer service department at customerservice@stitle.com.

ollie text

Simply Text Ollie

No logins. No Apps. Just text ollie and get the answers you need immediately.

ollie chat

Always Available

Ollie is a night owl, a morning hunter, and spends afternoons searching for answers so you can get information anytime, 24x7. Documents, File Status and Cost Estimates are just a few of the almost 200 questions Ollie can answer.

ollie fast

Fast and Accurate

Ollie provides fast and accurate answers to file-based or general questions via Chat or Text. Plus, Ollie has a great sense of hoooo-mor. Just ask him for a joke!