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Beware! Bogus Performance Reviews Used as Phishbait

Tue, Dec 10, 2019 at 9:45AM

Beware! Bogus Performance Reviews Used as Phishbait

Be warned. The bad guys are using fake job performance reviews as phishing bait so they can trick you into giving up your username and password.
Here's how it works: First, the scammers send you an email that appears to come from your Human Resources department. The email contains a link to a fake website where you're instructed to log in so you can "receive the information about your performance review". If you enter your login credentials here, the attackers will have access to your account, and your entire organization could be compromised.

Always remember: Never click on a link you weren’t expecting, even if it appears to be from an internal team or someone you know. It’s best to pick up the phone and verify that the email is legitimate before putting yourself and your company at risk.

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